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Photo courtesy of NEON operated by Battelle


The LENS Remote Sensing group aims to develop strategies to use cutting edge airborne observation platform (AOP) remote sensing data (Digital airborne photography, hyperspectral and LiDAR data) taken from an airplane to understand the relationship between socio-environmental systems at large, landscape scales.

  1. Evaluate the utility of each of the AOP data products currently available from NEON, in combination with variables generated by the other LENS working groups, for understanding social-environmental systems (SES).

  2. Make NEON AOP remote sensing data more accessible to people, both within and beyond the academic community.

  3. Explore methods that may be particularly useful for integrating NEON AOP remote sensing data with other types of information to better understand relationships between ecosystems and human health, food production, air quality, access to green spaces, and more, ultimately in service of the stakeholders on these landscapes through a translational ecology approach with the other LENS working groups.

  4. To provide context for how the analytical capabilities of AOP can address multi-scalar questions in SES research across all LENS activities and materials, including workshop discussions, stakeholder roundtables, data development and dissemination, virtual events, and communication of analysis tools.

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