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The Landscape Exchange Network for Socio-environmental systems (LENS) values the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences that LENS members bring to our group. We are committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming space for all of those who attend our meetings and events. This Community Agreement will help us create an inclusive, supportive, and safe community that fosters open dialogue and exchange of ideas. 


These guidelines apply in all venues, including in-person (e.g., meetings, workshops, conferences, and social gatherings) and online events (e.g., community forum, social media, virtual meetings and events) and apply to all LENS members, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and contractors.


Expected Behavior 


Unacceptable Behavior 


Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior from any member of the LENS community will not be tolerated. Even if the behavior is not egregiously offensive, violators might find themselves pulled aside to discuss their behavior. Facilitators will be in charge of ensuring the dialogue is balanced, that no one participant dominates the conversation, and that interactions generally follow acceptable behavior. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Less offensive forms of unacceptable behavior are expected to result in respectful conversation that informs the offender of acceptable alternatives. 


More extreme instances of unacceptable behavior may result in the violator being asked to leave an event or online space, either temporarily or for the duration of the event without warning or refund. Violations may prohibit attendance at future LENS meetings and events. Continued or severe infractions of these guidelines may result in being banned from participation in future spaces, events, and activities in perpetuity. 


Serious infractions can also be reported to the individual’s home institution and/or to the National Science Foundation. Unlawful behaviors will be reported to law enforcement. Instances of sexual misconduct will be reported to the Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct of the individual’s home institution. 


Reporting a Violation of these Guidelines 

If you are the subject of unacceptable behavior or have witnessed any such behavior during in-person or virtual events, please notify: Dr. Andrew Elmore, LENS Principal Investigator ( and/or Jenna Linhart, LENS Project Manager (


For in-person events, call 911 or alert hotel/venue security if someone is in immediate danger or if an immediate and serious safety concern exists.


Confidentiality: If the person raising the concern, any identified individual target, or the accused or a witness asks an event contact for confidentiality of their identity while the concern is being addressed, reasonable steps will be taken to maintain it. LENS cannot guarantee confidentiality if the reported conduct violates any local, state or federal law, or if the situation risks other participants’ safety or imperils an investigation. Furthermore, it will not be considered a breach of confidentiality to disconnect/remove a participant from a virtual event if deemed necessary by the host. 


Anyone who receives information during an investigation, however, must maintain its confidentiality; failure to do so is a serious violation of this agreement, as is retaliation against any identified individual target, witness, or anyone who raises or helps resolve a conduct concern.


Community Feedback

This is a living document. There will be regular opportunities to revisit and revise the community agreement as LENS grows and new situations arise. Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback on these guidelines. Email your input to:



These guidelines were adapted from the Ecological Society of America (ESA), the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) codes of conduct. We thank all the LENS Steering Committee members who participated in the development.


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